My Favorite Hair Products for fake Blondes (like me!)

Top 5 Hair Products for Blondes

I am going to share my favorite hair products for fake blondes like me! I get questions about my hair all the time. AND, I just found this out. Did you know that if you bleach your hair blonde, you should NEVER use products with protein in them?! What!! Read on to find out why…


Having a good hair day is E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G, am I right ladies?! If you know me, you know that I wash my hair about once a week. To some of you it might sound disgusting (which I respect) but if you talk to any stylist like this one or this one, they will tell you that it’s actually BETTER for your hair! YES. Less work (because when you have a ton of hair like I do, it’s a good 45-75 minute process from blow dry to hair completely styled) and it is healthier for my hair! Win-Win. Along with not washing your hair as often, I’ve found that a few key hair products can really make or break that day 5 before washing your hair again.


Here are 5 of my favorite hair products for fake blondes like me..

Oribe Dry Textured Spray – use this at your roots for more volume and teasing (LOVE to tease). I’ll have to create another post on my favorite teasing comb and techniques. Buy it HERE.

Kenra Blow Dry Spray – this will make you smell like a pineapple coconut goddess and cut your blow dry time in HALF. You heard me!! Time = money for me these days, so you’re welcome 🙂 Buy it HERE.

Oribe Bright Blonde Shampoo – it’s bright purple, but don’t let that freak you out! It will keep your bleach blonde locks looking bright and NOT brassy. EW. Buy it HERE.

R+CO Dry Shampoo – YES YES YES. I should own stock in this company. Smells good, leaves NO residue and can stretch out your hair wash day another 1-2 days, maybe more. Buy it HERE.

Kerastase Oil – I like to use this right after I blow dry to smooth out my ends and tame the frizz. Buy it HERE.


Favorite hair products for fake blondes


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